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RMK Productions & Network introduces their audience to the power of stories through their guests from all walks of life, across the globe and industries. Fun filled real life experiences that will entertain, inform, and inspire you to grow and excel in life. RMK Productions & Network won’t just entertain you, we will motivate you to go beyond your thought process to be the change you want to see in your community. Our mission is to influence culture, lifestyle and unify communities through education, entertainment, and shared experiences with a vision to create a global platforms for storytellers, educators, and change makers, and will shape the way media informs society. 

10 United Podcasts

That One Thing

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are excited and proud to present our new series, focused on student journey and campus life – That One Thing with Carina Chieffalo. Can we really change someone’s life with our voice? Can our lives be changed with experiences or people? Immerse yourself in a world filled with possibility, inspiration, and motivation as Carina Chieffalo dissects the power of human beings. Explore the day-to-day life of a college student, athlete, business owner, and solider and find That One Thing that sparks You. In this series, we will bring you podcasts on important topics related to campus/student life, Live talk shows/events, webinars, group discussion, and much more.

BFF (Black, Fabulous and Forty)

The BFF’s (Black, Fabulous and Forty) Podcast is the couch talk with your girlfriends on a Friday night. A podcast for women to learn, laugh, and grow and express themselves in a safe meaningful way. Viewers get an intimate look into women’s life as professionals, entrepreneurs, divorcees, childhood trauma survivors, motherhood, dating and much more.

One Queen, Two Kings

Talking “wit” Kevin and Son the podcast is a show that comes from the heart. A show that is hosted by a father sharing a tough life to success, to a son, being introduced to world that has a bias to his relationship with his father “Black men aren’t present in their kids life’s” , plus introducing his son to the world of entrepreneurship through example as his cost host. Our Show Topic, which allows us to go far beyond who we think our guest are, but who they are in their everyday lives.

Storytime and Wine

Storytime and Wine is like being at a cocktail party in a room filled with thought-provoking, curious, social disruptors discussing the things that matter to them and affect our community and our world. This podcast will bring you stories, perspectives, experiences and learning by looking at current events as well as historical topics. (Laws, Policy, and Education) ,with the feel of a cocktail party with friends and welcomed new acquaintances. We host thoughtful and reflective conversations questioning, and at the same time seeking deeper understanding of the issues discussed.

Talking wit kevin and son

One Queen, Two Kings- Conversations that make a difference. Ray, Kevin, and Marjorie talking about current events and social issues and talking to change-makers.

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