10 United

We welcome all aspiring artists, singers, filmmakers and musicians, as we will help you build and expand your digital presence on a global platform.

What is 10 United Podcast Network?

A unique concept that collectively brings a team of novice and seasoned podcasters together to share in the content, sponsorship, and team building for one cause-To connect the power of stories to improve humanity. Instead of focusing on individuals going solo in the world of podcasting, we will brand build and podcast development while creating a global streaming network on a platform under the brand of RMK Productions 

10 United Podcast Network is a community of novice and seasoned podcasters that, under the umbrella of RMK Productions, will have their content shared via audio and video. The participants are part of a 12-month program that includes profit sharing, content sharing and participation in live events produced by RMK Productions. This will include audio and video editing, episodes posted and promoted on all social media and syndicated platforms. An online store is available for each podcaster to showcase their branded apparel and products.
This is a communal based company with the shared values of social well-being of others, creating opportunities, education, and empowerment. This is an opportunity to invest in a future for not only ourselves, but our community. If this is something you would like to be a part of let us schedule a time to talk more about your vision and the podcast packages that fit your needs.