Kevin McLemore

Kevin McLemore is Vice President and Co-Founder of RMK
Productions and 10 united the podcast network.

100 Percent committed to team, collaboration and through the
Power of the story, McLemore’s motivated to social change, redirect social
biases between the races, no matter gender or sexual orientation, he is
committed to changing the channel of the human experiences. McLemore purpose is
H.O.P.E. “helping other people every day” creating avenues where the human
perspectives can be shared on all media platforms, through the framework of
teaching, listening, learning and leading by example. McLemore is also a proud
father to, Lakisha, Alexander, Theodore and Jillian, Husband to Monika Hill.
Understanding that my gift to connect people is the blessing from a much higher
power, it is my faith the drives me and commits me to social change. His heart
is strong within his faith and his family and is driven to serve and help other
McLemore is a masterful Storyteller and Speaker of your choices and change, he
understands that it is your actions that will either bound you to a life of
little to no reward, or free you from the environment from where you came, to
allowing you to become the architect of your dream life.

McLemore is not a believer of millions of likes or follower
that produces no fruit from his labor, for him, it is not the numbers of people
that like or follow you, it’s about the quality of the people who are following
you, and who you are connected to directly. Kevin McLemore the author, nearly
made it through college without the basic skills needed to read or write,
committed to not be just another statistic, taught himself the art of the power
of words and is now the author of “Letters to Elvis” Sprinkles, The True Spirit
of Christmas “Novel,” “The Indispensable Game of X’s and O’s. How I learned
everything I’d Need to know about life by playing high school football,” and
soon to be release in 2021 and 2022 “Dating with a full deck,” 57, and I can”
“The truth about the business of Fitness” and the 7 lesson on how do get stuff

McLemore shares the mic with his son Theo (the Chef)
McLemore on their podcast Talking “wit” Kevin and son, where they highlight the
important of Father’s being present in their children’s lives, particularly in
the black community. Together Father and son set their sights on personal
interviews that reach far beyond who we think we know, together through the
power of the story, they pull back the layers of the real story, the real
relationship, beyond the successes of the “father” “the celebrity” and the
viewer become that fly on the walk and really get to know “The people you
should know” The show’s title.

McLemore, is a true believe the given an opportunity and
thing can happen. We are all one step away, one connection, one introduction
away from the key being placed into that lock, that will change a person life
forever.McLemore was taught by his grandfather Joseph Phillips, when you get to
a place where you can bring someone else along, it is your duty to do so,
“Reach one, Teach One.”

Through the power of the story, McLemore has managed to be a
top influencer in the field of health and fitness and has positioned himself as
a motivating force as an Inspirational Paid Speaker in leadership development,
identifying opportunities and content for personal and professional growth. Considering
all the above, we can say that McLemore is an all rounder 

* Distinguished Authors Guild winner “Sprinkles, the true Spirit of Christmas

* Co-Founder of RMK Productions and 10 United Podcast Network

*Toastmaster Alumni

* Member of The NFL Alumni Associations

* One Queen Two Kings

* Owner and Co-host Talking “Wit” Kevin and Son “The Podcast.”

* Host Motivations Sundays with Kevin and Friends “The Podcast.”