Talking Wit Kevin and Son

We us the power of the story to teach listeners about a specific topic, real story, of real people, in a way that both factual and framed to capture the audience’s interest, to make our listeners feel as if there are actually part of the conversation. “Back yard conversation.”

Talking “wit” Kevin and Son the podcast is a show the comes from the heart. A show that is hosted by a father sharing a tough life to success, to a son, being introduced to world that has a bias to his relationship with his father “Black men aren’t present in their kids life’s” , plus introducing his son to the world of entrepreneurship through example as his cost host.

By no mean does Kevin or son, claim to be counselors of professional psychologists, they are simply a father and son that has a great relationship and love for people and life, who love having a good hearty laugh and like pealing back the layers of a banana to get to the real story.

Together they go through each episode by asking a mixed bag of leading question, reaching for the real stories of “People you should know.” Our Show Topic, which allows us to go far beyond who we think our guest are, but who they are in their everyday lives.

We start the show super positive, and we end every show “As my grandfather would stay, when you get to a position in life that you can bring someone else along, it your duties, to do so “Reach One, Teach One”. Peace, love and dream big.

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